Every project is born with an idea. A combination of perspectives that can arise from different sources of inspiration and at any time. Hustlers have always taken care of shaping these ideas until they become a tangible reality. The combination of the skills of our designers and engineers together with the quality of our products provide us with the necessary capabilities to produce original and innovative timepieces.

The process begins with the choice of a concept to design after a long study. A freehand sketch of the watch allows us to define its concept, aesthetics and proportions.

Next, our designers move to the CAD (virtual design) office, where the watch is modeled in 3D to give it greater realism and improve every detail.

Once the modeling is finished, the 3D printers produce and evaluate a first non-functional prototype, which will allow us to check the shapes and volumes in real size before the technical office manufactures a functional, but not definitive, version with final materials. Carrying out this process requires a lot of patience, knowledge and experience.

Each prototype is a unique model, the first of its kind, so it is subjected to an intense testing period until the production phase.

Once the prototype has been tested and its production ordered, our professionals use different methods and techniques adapted to the latest materials and designs. This is precisely what allows Hustlers to produce unique and innovative watches.

With a high degree of attention and precision on the finishes, we make sure to control even the smallest detail so that our watches make a difference.

The Hustlers brand has always sought perfection by creating quality and reliability watches, which are distinguished by their exclusivity and embody the main values ​​of our company (innovation, distinction, quality, aesthetics, transparency and emotion), consolidating itself as a company to the forefront of watch innovation and technology.